Kingsman: The Secret Service


Mix a comic book, James Bond, a big budget, and stunning action camera work and you have Kingsman. A crazy mix of a spy story, teenaged fitting in issues, movie spoofing, and graphic (but not super bloody) action with the biggest body count I think a movie has ever had. Continue reading

The Wedding Ringer


Guys, don’t worry. This movie isn’t all about weddings. It has a chase scene, football, gunfire, swearing, and mud wrestling.

Ladies, don’t worry. This movie isn’t just a bromance or buddy movie. It will make you laugh, cry, and has a lovely speech about women being listeners. Continue reading

Into the Woods

image D

This movie is great…except for the songs…which go off every 2 minutes! The D grade is being generous for a movie that twice made me want to bash my head in. And why is it that I had not seen this movie before, had not seen the play, but knew several of the songs?! Continue reading