Kingsman: The Secret Service


Mix a comic book, James Bond, a big budget, and stunning action camera work and you have Kingsman. A crazy mix of a spy story, teenaged fitting in issues, movie spoofing, and graphic (but not super bloody) action with the biggest body count I think a movie has ever had. Continue reading


The Wedding Ringer


Guys, don’t worry. This movie isn’t all about weddings. It has a chase scene, football, gunfire, swearing, and mud wrestling.

Ladies, don’t worry. This movie isn’t just a bromance or buddy movie. It will make you laugh, cry, and has a lovely speech about women being listeners. Continue reading

Into the Woods

image D

This movie is great…except for the songs…which go off every 2 minutes! The D grade is being generous for a movie that twice made me want to bash my head in. And why is it that I had not seen this movie before, had not seen the play, but knew several of the songs?! Continue reading

Night at the Museum: Secret of the Tomb

image C

The third and last in this movie series gives me two different feelings. One for the movie itself and one for the inevitable thoughts about the people in the movie. Unless you are a youngster, which the marketers clearly think are the only ones going to this movie since all the previews were for kiddie movies, you cannot see the movie without thinking about Robin Williams’ death. And by the way marketers – there were only adults at the showing I was at. Continue reading

Catching Up via Redbox

A few quick reviews of movies seen thru Redbox.

20130928-070314.jpgA Most Wanted Man – C. Would this movie have received less than a C grade if Continue reading